5 Top Bach Flower Essences for Pregnancy and Birth

I gave birth in late summer 2019 and I used flower essences throughout pregnancy and birth. My little guy even had some on his first day of life! Flower essences are gentle, safe, and effective, which makes them perfect for these stages of life. If you have a pregnant person in your life, here are […]

Yarrow Flower Essences and Boundaries for Empaths

Classically, yarrow flower essence is an excellent option for empaths and others with poor or porous boundaries. It helps us strengthen boundaries in different relationships and distinguish between what is, and is not, our concern. It’s also considered a protection essence to help seal the energy field. Yarrow was in the first flower essence blend […]

Flower Essences 101: How do I store & buy flower essences?

How should I buy and store my flower essences? Flower Essences 101

Today is our final Flower Essences 101 session, and we’re talking about where to buy and how to store flower essences. If you’re looking for Bach flower essences, you can often buy them at your local health food store. Many other flower essence systems (including ones I use in my flower essence practice) are only […]

Flower Essences 101: How long do I need to use flower essences?

How long do I need to use flower essences? Flower Essences 101

How long do I need to use flower essences? I get asked this question all the time. And… that depends. It depends on a lot of factors, to be honest. Sometimes I take a single essence like Mullein for just a day or two, for extra support. Other times, I take a blend like Pink […]