Beyond the Bottle: Are Essential Oils and Flower Essences the Same?

FAQ - are essential oils and flower essences the same

Have you ever wandered the aisles of a natural health store looking for essential oils when you discovered something called flower essences? Both essential oils and flower essences offer unique, all-natural benefits for our well-being, but are they one and the same? The short answer is no. While they have some similarities, essential oils and […]

3 Powerful Flower Essences to Ignite Your Productivity

Top Flower Essences for motivation

Procrastinating? Not feeling motivated? Need a bit of pep in your step? Flower essences can be hugely helpful in this area! Unlike some other remedies, flower essences work in a gentle yet profound manner. They are not stimulating in the same way that drugs might be. They do not relentlessly push us, or pressure us […]

7 Flower Essences to Expand & Skyrocket Your Intuition

7 Flower Essences for Intuition

A few months ago, I taught a free workshop on some of my favourite vibrational (flower/crystal and other) essences for intuitive development, so I thought I’d share a few here too. 1. Borage Embodying courage and fearlessness, borage flower essence can help you overcome self-doubt and tap into your intuitive gifts with confidence. 2. Mugwort […]

How to Select a Single Flower Essence (with a Handy Comparison Chart!)

Single flower essence comparison chart

Hello! If you’re looking to go on an adventure and dive in deep with a single flower essence from our line, you’ll enjoy our recently designed Single Essence Comparison Chart. This chart includes a photo of each single flower essence, a short profile of its main themes, its relevant keywords, and its primary resonant chakras. […]

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