Many people turn to flower essences after “they’ve tried everything else”. Or a friend or family member recommended they (might as well) try these natural, gentle and safe, side effect-free natural wonders that might be able to help them with a persistent issue.

To discover the powerful possibilities of flower essences for supporting your overall health and well-being, book a consultation for yourself or a family member.

What can you expect from a Personal Flower Essence Consultation?

  • First, you’ll book your Personal Flower Essence Consultation.
  • Next, I’ll send you an intake form to fill out with details about yourself and what issue(s) you need support with.
  • We’ll meet for our consultation. It usually lasts up to 60 minutes.
  • I’ll carefully select a suitable flower essence or custom blend and ship it to you. We can also arrange pick-up if you are local to me (in Orillia, Ontario).
  • I’ll follow up with you in 3 to 4 weeks to discuss your experience. You can also contact me before then if you need to. This follow-up is also included in your initial Personal Flower Essence Consultation.

What does a Personal Flower Essence Consultation include?

Your initial Personal Flower Essence Consultation includes:

  • reviewing your personal intake form.
  • meeting for an initial consultation lasting up to 60 minutes.
  • recommending, preparing, and shipping your carefully selected flower essence within Canada.
  • an email or phone follow-up to discuss changes or updates.
  • privileged access to my Client Resource Portal where you can benefit from valuable resources and recommendations to enrich your flower essence experience.

What makes me unique as a Flower Essence Practitioner?

I am deeply committed to my clients and providing effective support.

Unlike many Flower Essence Practitioners, I’m not bound to a single flower essence range or system such as Bach. In my humble opinion, there is tremendous value in this because not every flower essence range works well to address all issues or situations.

I have completed training with several schools, so I have a wide variety of approaches and protocols I draw on. I’m also a dedicated student of plants and tend gardens of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit, trees, and shrubs.

I believe this helps make me a more effective practitioner.

Ready to see what flower essences are all about? Click here to book your initial Personal Flower Essence consultation.

Have a question or prefer not to book online? Please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to helping you with 1:1 support!

As a Flower Essence Practitioner, I teach, guide, and offer information about flower essences. This information may or may not pertain to your individual situation. If you are ill, you should speak with your doctor or primary care health provider. I never diagnose, prescribe, or treat any conditions or ailments of any kind. Please note that I will always refer you to your physician for any and all such activities.