Wildflower Journal Collection – Eight single essences with droppers (8 x 15 ml or 1/2 oz.)


The Wildflower Journal Collection features eight single flower essences: Bladder Campion, Glory of the Snow, Hoary Alyssum, Perennial Sweet Pea, Periwinkle, Queen Anne’s Lace, Red Clover, and St. John’s Wort.

This unique collection beautifully complements our free digital resource, Journeying with Wildflowers: Getting to know flower essences through journal prompts for self-expression and inner exploration.

Each single essence is packaged in a 15-ml (1/2 oz.) amber bottle with a dropper. Each bottle contains approximately 300 drops.

Here are short descriptions of each essence:

  1. Bladder Campion flower essence acts as a North Star, helping us move ahead and navigate toward our purpose. It reminds us that we each offer unique talents, skills, and gifts as we participate in and contribute to the ecosystems of the world. It urges us to proceed with our work, in-spiring us with the confidence to carry on.
  2. Glory of the Snow flower essence provides support as a messenger, helping quiet and shy types translate their thoughts into words so others can understand them. This essence can help people assemble, organize, and communicate information. The essence of Glory of the Snow can help us express ourselves more openly and share our passion for our subject, putting this love into words.
  3. Hoary Alyssum flower essence deeply nourishes and nurtures our own sense of self. Those who are “people pleasers” or in co-dependent relationships with porous or irregular boundaries often resonate with this essence. Hoary Alyssum essence can help them speak honestly and authentically about how they’re feeling and what they need or want in their relationship.
  4. Perennial Sweet Pea flower essence fosters our intuition and connection to spirit. It helps us disentangle from our conscious mind and reminds us of our universal connection to source and infinite wisdom. This Perennial Sweet Pea flower essence also deeply resonates with the heart chakra and is a wise addition to all relationship blends.
  5. This Periwinkle flower essence, nicknamed “the Chameleon”, resonates deeply with people who tend to be naturally sensitive and worry about what others say about them. They’ve honed their ability to be “all things to all people” to try to fit in. Periwinkle supports us in feeling loved for exactly who we are. It helps us realize that we no longer need to hide or trade pieces of ourselves in exchange for the love and accolades of others. Periwinkle helps us open up emotionally, share our true selves with others, and break free of others’ expectations.
  6. Queen Anne’s Lace is a quintessential flower essence for manifestation. It quietly suggests that when people feel unsuccessful in their efforts to manifest what they want, it may be because they are insecure in their request. In other words, they may ask for it, but not believe they’re genuinely worthy or deserving. This Queen Anne’s Lace flower essence can help you eliminate the tendency to doubt and question your worthiness when it comes to manifesting what you want.
  7. Red Clover flower essence reminds you that self-care is always self-love. Red clover offers a roadmap to self-care, through the heart chakra. It helps you carve out time for self-care and self-nourishment, reminding you that you aren’t helpful to anyone if you are unwell, fatigued or depleted. It assists you as you call on your ancestors and female lineage to hold you and support you as you regain your full strength and power. It is a siren calling in all your ancestral power figures to tend to you, care for you, hold space for you, and welcome you into the embrace of their love so they may help nurture you back to health and wholeness.
  8. St. John’s Wort flower essence invites those who feel “alien”, lost, or separate from others, to join together in community. This essence reminds us to act with an awareness of others, to consider other points of view and perspectives. It is a reminder that we are all connected and what we do can affect another.


Wildflower Journal Collection - flower essences
Wildflower Journal Collection – Eight single essences with droppers (8 x 15 ml or 1/2 oz.)