Let’s Kiss & Make Up – Blend with Mist (50 ml)


The Let’s Kiss and Make Up flower essence blend supports healthy, honest, loving and trusting relationships, especially post-conflict. It’s a blend that resonates deeply with the heart chakra and helps us navigate gracefully through heartaches and heartbreaks of all kinds.

It can help:

  • clear the slate of negative energies and make room for positive intentions;
  • boost our capacity for love, soothing and opening our hearts;
  • instill in us the confidence and courage to communicate authentically and fearlessly;
  • embolden us to take risks in sharing ourselves and our points of views, while encouraging intimacy with others;
  • support forgiveness of ourselves and others;
  • enhance the ability to learn from our mistakes;
  • empower us to negotiate without compromising our own inner values, feelings or needs; and,
  • gift us with the chance to heal old emotional wounds, regrets and grudges by gracing us with a wider perspective to recognize and embrace the lesson in the conflict.


This Let’s Kiss and Make Up blend is packaged in a 50-ml amber or dark cobalt blue bottle with a fine mist spray.

This size of bottle contains approximately 1000 drops.

Perennial sweet pea flower essence
Let’s Kiss & Make Up – Blend with Mist (50 ml)