How to Soothe a Broken Heart with Elder Flower Essence

European Elder - Black Lace flower essence

This elderflower flower essence is a *potent* opener of the heart and heart chakra. It boosts our capacity for love, so we can take in more vibrational energy via the physical and energetic heart.

European Elder - Black Lace flower essence

It can soften our heart in places where it is hardened off… appease hurt feelings… and temper bad tempers. It helps soothe the heart when it has been hurt or broken by disappointment or an unexpected shock.

No surprise, then, that it is a remedy for heartache of all kinds. ♥️

At the same time, this elderflower flower essence can help open our hearts and ourselves (mind-body-spirit) up to new love, new relationships, and new friendships.

It gently teaches us to learn from our past mistakes, so we can evolve as committed but fearless partners who are unafraid of getting hurt or of hurting others—whether intentionally or accidentally.

And these healthy relationships with others and one another also extends to our relationship with ourselves.

It offers an excellent support for unconditional self-love.

Want to try it? You can find it as a single essence and in our Let’s Kiss and Make Up blend.

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