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How to Soothe a Broken Heart with Elder Flower Essence

European Elder - Black Lace flower essence

This elderflower flower essence is a *potent* opener of the heart and heart chakra. It boosts our capacity for love, so we can take in more vibrational energy via the physical and energetic heart. It can soften our heart in places where it is hardened off… appease hurt feelings… and temper bad tempers. It helps […]

How Red Clover Flower Essence Supports Self-Care and Self-Love

Red clover flower essence

The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing describes Red Clover flower essence as follows: “Red Clover flower essence can be used when crisis runs through a family like a psychic disease, and the family consciousness becomes stronger than the self-awareness of the individual. Red Clover flower essence can also reduce the feeling of being ‘over-mothered’ […]

5+ Creative Ways to Add Flower Essences to Your Day

5 Creative Ways to Add Flower Essences to Your Day

Adding flower essences to water–and sipping it regularly–is a simple way to use flower essences and help them last! But there are lots of other unique ways to add flower essences to your day. For example, you could: 1. Add flower essences to a facial steam, foot bath, or bath. 2. Spray your body after […]

How Cilantro Flower Essence Supports Energetic Smudging

Cilantro flower essence

Cilantro flower essence is one of the key ingredients in our Home Sweet Home and Let’s Kiss and Make Up blends. It acts as an energetic “smudge”, clearing and cleansing away energies that are no longer needed. I use this as room spray in my office, before & after working with clients, in my car, […]