How Red Clover Flower Essence Supports Self-Care and Self-Love

Red clover flower essence

The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing describes Red Clover flower essence as follows:

“Red Clover flower essence can be used when crisis runs through a family like a psychic disease, and the family consciousness becomes stronger than the self-awareness of the individual. Red Clover flower essence can also reduce the feeling of being ‘over-mothered’ and conversely reduce the mother’s need to do so.”⁠⁠ (source)

The essence I work with comes from a different, but similar perspective with a focus on self-care. ⁠⁠

Red clover flower essence

Red Clover flower essence reminds you that self-care is always self-love and it offers a roadmap to self-care, through the heart chakra.

It helps you carve out time for self-care and self-nourishment, reminding you that you aren’t helpful to anyone if you are unwell, fatigued or depleted. It is rejuvenating and restorative.⁠⁠

This Red Clover flower essence assists you as you call on your ancestors and female lineage to hold you and support you as you regain your full strength and power.

It is a siren calling in all your ancestral power figures to tend to you, care for you, hold space for you, and welcome you into the embrace of their love so they may help nurture you back to health and wholeness.

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