5+ Creative Ways to Add Flower Essences to Your Day

5 Creative Ways to Add Flower Essences to Your Day

Adding flower essences to water–and sipping it regularly–is a simple way to use flower essences and help them last!

But there are lots of other unique ways to add flower essences to your day.

5 Creative Ways to Add Flower Essences to Your Day

For example, you could:

1. Add flower essences to a facial steam, foot bath, or bath.

2. Spray your body after a shower and towelling off.

3. Clear your car by spritzing your fav essence.

I did this twice a day when I was selling my last car. Worked like a charm: the buyer was such a sweetheart and I got the price I wanted!

4. Place a drop on your pulse points and gently massage in.

Flower essences + massaging these specific areas is doubly potent! Acupuncture meridian or chakra points are also effective.

5. Spray your pillow or a comfort item before going to bed.

When you make flower essences part of your daily practices, you’ll benefit from the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical improvements for overall well-being all day long.

Would you like more creative ways to use them? Click here to download our FREE Guide, 50+ Practical and Spirited Ways to Use Flower Essences.

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