How Cilantro Flower Essence Supports Energetic Smudging

Cilantro flower essence

Cilantro flower essence is one of the key ingredients in our Home Sweet Home and Let’s Kiss and Make Up blends.

It acts as an energetic “smudge”, clearing and cleansing away energies that are no longer needed.

Cilantro flower essence

I use this as room spray in my office, before & after working with clients, in my car, and even on myself if I’m having an off day and need something to shake me out of bad vibes and give me a boost.

(When I need it, I often use it frequently!)

Cilantro flower essence is a catalyst for change and transformation.

It supports energetic housekeeping, seeking out areas where energetic ‘sludge’ has built up. This can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental in origin.

Cilantro helps cleanse and “make room”, inviting positive experiences such as new people and new events to come into our lives.

It is deeply penetrating and moves energy effectively, helping to re-connect and re-align the body’s seven main chakras.

Want to try it? You can find it in several of our blends and as a single essence.

Prices are in Canadian dollars, but if you’re in the US, just get in touch and we’ll send you price and shipping info in USD.

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